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Which character feels to have the most depth and options?

Which character feels like he/she/it has the most depth to them and the most options to explore?

  • Baraka

  • Cassie Cage

  • Cetrion

  • D'Vorah

  • Erron Black

  • Frost

  • Geras

  • Jacqui Briggs

  • Jade

  • Jax

  • Johnny Cage

  • Kabal

  • Kano

  • Kitana

  • Kollector

  • Kotal Kahn

  • Kung Lao

  • Liu Kang

  • Noob

  • Raiden

  • Scorpion

  • Shao Kahn

  • Skarlet

  • Sonya

  • Sub Zero

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Stay Free
Pretty self explanatory title.
I thought I'd ask the community this question because I've seen some posts claiming that some characters have gotten stale or a little too "rinse & repeat" quickly.
I agree to a certain extent, but I want to know what you guys think.

Who seems to have the most unexplored move set?
Who seems to have potential for some hidden tech that makes him/her/it viable?
-Which tech / moves and why?
Who seems to need more time commitment to master vs other characters?

I want your thoughts, custom or tournament variation it doesn't matter.

I personally think that Jacqui's second variation as well as Kollector's second variation have some potential for heavy DOT set ups and damage that could help sway their viability.