Where are the Georgia locals?

Discussion in 'Atlantic South' started by FluffyKittenPops, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. I got off work at 1:30 and decided to sleep instead
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  2. Whoever has everyone on Facebook want make a conversation on there?
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    I can't be 100% sure yet, but this Saturday I should be free if you're still interested. I'm a nobody to the scene since I'm usually too busy for these kinds of things lol, but I can bring tequila :D
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  4. only made it to @YOMI Reno_Racks place once back in the day to play matches , for anyone trying to step up their game I highly recommend that , Tons of good players there from Pig , Fly, saltface, smarrgasm , etc. ( not to mention Reno has one of the most legit batmans I have seen)

    also he has a ridiculously lovely house, just a bit too much a drive for me here in bum-fuck west Ga =/
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    There is also a discord building for GA Injustice players if @AK XEN0M0RPH can oblige.
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    Bump to this thread. South Ga here. Made it to battle and brew for MKX in atlanta after launch. Wanted to see if the southern cities have picked up players yet or is Atlanta still where I've gotta go?

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  8. Atlanta is still the place to go but sometimes there are stuff in Macon
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    Itll have to be ok then. If stuff happens on the weekend I'm in a position to travel a lot more than I used to. Should be fun!

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  10. The things to follow will be:

    https://twitter.com/RomanovaNRS since she planned on doing a bunch of things for MK11

    https://twitter.com/GbDojo they'll probably host MK11 in their weeklies and biweeklies

    https://twitter.com/data_fgc it's a monthly they'll have MK11 and have inj2 sometimes.
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  12. At the Deep End on Mondays evenings in Atlanta, they have a pop up arcade with throw back and modern games. Most of the crowd plays Smash but they usually have a setup for MK as well. Should check it out. I used to go often but now just once a month or so.
  13. Is it a bar I think I went there their tacos were pretty damn good
  14. Yup. Across the street from Ponce City Market

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    This thread came at the perfect time. I just recently moved near Atlanta and I remember the MK scene being very prominent here. I recall the Yomi streams a few years back.

    Crossing my fingers that it still is.
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    Last I remember Yomi disbanded years ago. I'm in Athens and there's no scene as far as I'm aware. It's always smash.
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