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When is best to use flag buff?

I’m using his tournament Marauder version. Can anyone tell me the best strategies to use his flag? When’s it safe to put out etc...?


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After any full screen knockdown (e.g after the 2,1+3 string - which is otherwise useless)

After you've conditioned the opponent to crouch to avoid blade sparks.

Whenever you've conditioned the opponent to block (or otherwise not press any buttons)

After any knockdown when your opponent has no defence gauges.


5% more as in an extra 5% damage so 300 to 350. Or as in instead of 300 damaged it does 315 damage?
The former. Its absolutely worth doing it's just hella unsafe. 2,1+3 and f2,1,2 can send your opponent far enough to use it, but a good teleport or fill screen projectile \ fatal blow will get you so be careful.

edit: Just a heads up for anybody liking this post, do not get married to 2,1+3. It's hit box will betray you in many matchups.
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After any full screen knockdown (e.g after the 2,1+3 string - which is otherwise useless)
I see some merit in the fact that it's his only +1 string on block that doesn't knock them away, which could allow for cross-up/throw mixup/ f2,1,2? It's definitely a unique string for him, and seeing how little he has I feel like it has it's place in his moveset, namely to set up for flag.


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I think it's good if you happen to land F44 Krushing Blow midscreen, since he really has no other options in Marauder.
Certain characters can punish you for that but for the ones that can't it's fine. I've pretty much stopped using it though and go for oki and positioning instead. I don't really think flag is worth it ever except maybe if you want to trade with sparks.


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Condition them to block, I can 1,1~flag and not get punished for it but it can be risky. Just recognize how your opponent is playing and you will know when it's safe. Most of the time you wont need it. But if you can get it and then get them into a corner combo, easy 40%