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What's Your Favorite Character Dialouge During Intros?

Lord Snotty

Lord of the Bletherrealm.
I actually far prefer MKX's brand of cut-throat bitchery, but maybe that's because we had Shinnok and his flawless brand of shade throwing. A particular highlight is his disdain towards Mileena.

Mileena: You will not have Outworld...
Shinnok: Apparently neither will you.


The Ultimate

aka CommandThrower
I'm really partial to a lot of Baraka's quotes. The folks at NRS really turned him into a great character this time around. He reminds me a lot of the MCU's version of Drax the Destroyer. He's a total no-nonsense shitkicker.

Baraka: Say your prayers, monk.

Liu Kang: I'm more of a fighting monk.

Baraka: Then my prayers are answered!

Baraka: Tarkata has not forgotten, Black.

Erron Black: 'Be wise not to snap my garters.

Baraka: I'll snap your neck!

Baraka: You killed Shinnok?

Cassie Cage: Come closer and find out how!

Baraka: As you wish, human.

Baraka: [speaks Tarkatan]

Kung Lao: All I understood from that was "kombat".

Baraka: Then you understand enough!

Baraka: Do you know what I am?

Johnny Cage: Cannibal humanoid under-dweller?

Baraka: I am death, you imp!

And he can even deliver a sick burn on occasion:

Liu Kang: You respect Kitana, yes?

Baraka: But not her concubine, Liu Kang!

Liu Kang: ...concubine?!

Baraka: All of Tarkata reveres Jade.

Kotal Kahn: An honor richly deserved!

Baraka: You, on the other hand...