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What's "Premium Membership"? Details inside!

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Premium Memberships are in place for members of TestYourMight.com to purchase for $10 USD per year. It's a great way to support TYM and its continually growing community. This membership package contains forum perks that are exclusive to Premium Members including the "Premium Portal", where I have been announcing additions and other news first before the rest of the site gets it (example: TYM Medals system).

Here's what you see when you click this link: http://testyourmight.com/account/upgrades

Premium Supporter

Test Your Might's "TYM|Premium Supporter" package continues to offer little perks to our members. These perks include, but are not limited to:

- "Premium Portal" forum exclusive to Premium members as well as Site Staff (added 8/14/2014)

- Name changes: you may edit and/or change your name on your own (limited amount respectively) (via Personal Details >> Advanced Options>> Change Username) every three months, so think hard and stick with it.

- Signatures: Users are also able to use signatures (signature image restrictions 150 pixels height X 450 pixels wide - limited to Premium Supporters only!) NOTE: Signatures may NOT include .gifs or anything inappropriate or we reserve the right to remove your signature immediately*

- Bold and Gold: (added 10/31/14) Premium user names also take on a whole different look than any other usergroup on TYM, including staff! Premium members' names are Bold and Gold!

Cost? This upgrade is good for 1 year at a time for $10 (automatically recurring). Users will be granted a "TYM|Premium Supporter" ribbon under their names.

All money will go towards Kombat Network.

*We encourage users NOT to use clan tags as they cause the most concern with name changes. You can always put your clan tag in your custom user title.*

NOTE: NO REFUND will be made in the event that you get banned! So, be good!

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