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What's a good followup to Liu Kang's bicycle kick?


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If you connect it midscreen while someone is attacking, you can basically connect an unblockable standing LK on a lot of characters, or you can attempt a Dragon Kick, however if you are a hair slow on the Dragon Kick or unsure if they were attacking when you made contact they can block it and punish you. If you connect it in the corner, again while the person is attacking, do his 7 hit combo and try to time a "just frames" sweep, meaning hold back during the combo and hit LK the very first frame it is possible to do it on recovery. It will combo and be unblockable. Vs Sheeva you can do an unblockable JK in this situation but it has to be done instantly as you leave the ground, from there you can do an air fireball, RH, dragon kick.


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Bike Kick ~ LK mid-screen
Bike Kick ~ JPs - corner
Bike Kick ~ JK, Combo - Corner
Bike Kick ~ Auto Combo Corner

there is an infinite for liu kang using bike kicks and jks in corner but it works only vs sheeva and it has nothing to do with the vs ;]