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What you think which Kameo is the best for Smoke?

I use sektor but only because I’m one of those players that used characters based on who I like, not necessarily who pairs best with the fighter lol
i switched from sektor to scorp because i love being able to combo off of vapors, but whenever i lose neutral i go back to sektor (and motaro if im crushing ) with sektor there are so many times you can missle that you might not know about, and i was doing fire on block strings way before the buff because there are a few frame trappy things with it. Sektors teleport lands into combo vs people jumping back in that scrubby teleport anticipation. The missle not only forces a block the explosion makes it harder to read high low throw mix

although motaro isnt his best, if anyone wants to try my method is use motaro teleport when smoke teleport is blocked, and same goes with smokebomb on block and a few other gimmicks. Low proj on oki and to extend block strings (fr1,b2,fr1 etc) then the balls from fullscreen, vapor cancel in or teleport cancel and you get two chances to connect a combo. Motaros Fatal blow r1 startup is bad mid smoke combo i lost a close game switching to that forgetting It drops


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Stryker, Sektor, Sareena, Sub-Zero, and Lao is all you need. But if I had to choose one, Stryker.
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i think motaro is an interesting one. adds another low to the mix, supports unsafe rushdown with triple shot, can probably make specials safe with teleport and adds a safe anti-projectile option.


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Started playing Smoke this season, mostly using Lao.

Finally decided to lab out the kameos and I was surprised how good Sonya is. I never hear anyone talk about her. But she lets him convert off of literally everything.

You can go into full combo from the obvious f32 and b21, but also from f4, db4, and f1224!!! That's crazy. The max damage is a bit lower than Lao but I think the versatility more than makes up for it because even meterless you're doing +200 dmg off per touch on several other strings.

What do you guys think? Obviously her neutral is worse, though she does give him an ok projectile.

Goro was similarly able to convert off of everything, and adds a grapple mix. But his cd might be too high. Haven't tried him in live matches.


I started playing Smoke this season and initially I was using Goro and then Janet Cage, but I have recently switch to Sub-Zero and the recovery speed for his freeze that links into most of smoke's strings allows a easier combo game. Any hit can quickly become 35% with no cancels, maybe not a long-term or offline viability, but I think it's solid for online