What was the hypest MKX tourney

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  1. Title but when I ask that I mean either top16(If it's an invitational)-->end or direct top 8 pools aren't considered. I'm looking for something that was hypest throughout not something that was ok with a super hype moment
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  2. Braindead

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  3. Marlow

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    I normally find EVO to be the hypest throughout.
  4. Which one was the hypest for you? MKX had 2
  5. Badboy Takuma

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    since @JBeezYBabY has not posted enough on tym today as he usually does, i would like to invite him to this thread for some postings!

    i hope that i am allowed to do so @KHTC Takgillo ?
  6. Marinjuana

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    There were some great ones but to me it's the 2nd Evo without question.

    It wasn't the best version of the game balance wise but it had all the normal hype of MKX plus the Evo effect.

    Top 8 commentary from Ultra David and Lord Aris was sweet.

    It was amazing watching Tekken Master getting 3-0'd by Sonicfox and then to come back from grave in GF from loser's bracket as Trekker Master only to run the distance with Sonic who was an absolute tyrant at the time. Nobody could beat the dude, at least not consistently. Despite Alien's late attempt to ruin that set, that will always be the hypest set for me.

    Then you have some other players who were fun to watch like Michaelangelo's Quan. And shoutout to Illmatic's Bo' Rai Cho making top 32.

    Best grudge/money matches were Forever King vs Madzin Blood God mirrors and Forever BurgerKing vs Wound Cowboy FT10.
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  7. Marlow

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    I can't choose which EVO was more hype. 2015 was cool because the game was so new, and it seemed to have such a new international presence that prior NRS titles hadn't really had at EVO. 2016 was great for all of the reasons Marinjuana said above.

    Other than EVO, probably the most fun I had watching a tournament was ESL Season 3 finals.
  8. CrimsonShadow

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    2015 had the international drama coming into it which was great

    But honestly, ESL was super hype and enjoyable too. Both EVO and ESL are huge high points for that scene.
  9. axcelerate

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    kit 2016 I wanna say. maybe kit 2017 I just remember watching it over and over again doing homework rinse watch repeat.
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  10. omooba

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    whichever tournament had ssgss jago blake
  11. The one where Jupiter pulled off the Jax commad grab brutality.
    Nah, don't even remember if that tournament was good but this moment stole the show for me.
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  12. ismael4790

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    TCW 2015 with fisticuffs hype from DJT.
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  13. Darth-Nero

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    sonicfox vs tekkenmaster at Evo finals was the hypest ever in mkx history.
  14. Gofer_MK

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    It was a Euro tournament, dont remember the name... but @HappyPow won it and @IrishMantis was his rival in the finals. Or my memory fks with me. Unfortunatelly there is no youtube vid of it...
  15. Dankster Morgan

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    I just can't recall specific tournaments as a whole, it's been too long. But I liked DJT keeping all of the Tanya players from taking CEO 2015, with Sub-Zero no less.
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  16. AbeW

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    Destroyer's Invitational Tournament 4


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