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Question What makes a good oki setup?

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This is something I've been giving some thought lately, and I'd like to see what the community thinks. Exactly what makes for good oki? Is it limiting your opponents options? Mixups? Pressure?

Is it always best to have a hard knockdown, or is a more advantageous soft knockdown worth doing, if you think they won't tech roll?

If I can beat every wakeup you have for huge damage, but can't cover delays or back dashes, would it be better to more often take a different approach that can deal with all of these things?

Or is it just as simple as all of the above?


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Best OKI setup would be something as to suppress your opponent's options, so that he will respect the setups and limit himself to one or two other options that you KNOW how to punish accordingly. Think of GM SZ's IK, CSZ's ice bomb, Red Hood's mine, etc at the corners. Those are setups to prevent them from escaping the corners.


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Nrs started to really nerf oki/hard Knockdown setups in I2..

I remember mmh could do bf2 ender and it would allow to place an orb on the opponent and still have time to jump on them. And that was before delayed wake up existed