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What keeps you playing a fighting game long term, casually?


So I've played fighting games for the last 15 years, mainly MK, Injustice and Street Fighter... however, as much as I watch pro tournaments and learn advanced tech, I'm a hardcore casual player! I rarely ever delve into single player modes (e.g. towers) but may complete story modes if they exist. My gameplay is just playing online randoms, or occasionally sets with other people I know.

I'm keen to know what keeps some casual players playing the same fighting game for long durations of time, as opposed to someone like me who jumps to the next new release? Not many casual fans I know feel the need to invest so much time into learning the complexities of the game (e.g. advanced skills), or needing to learn detailed match-ups, so where does your long term passion come from?


Killa Queen
Nothing MK11 has
The company going weeks without informing players
Literally a mode where you make the computer bring you rewards
Grinding for rewards that took three seconds to make
Kombat League
So on and so forth.


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Simply put, because it's fun. If a game is fun, some people will keep playing it long past its popular "expiration date".