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What is the saltiest you've ever been?


There it is...
Well you know what I mean. I don't know the word in English, when you try to squeeze the water out of a towel so you ...squeeze it and turn in oposite directions. The plastic cracked and the stuff in it and I was left with a pile of chunks.

Also this happens on a lot of occasions not only once, so I would practically need a permanent nap :))
Yo I'm calling bullshit.

I cant do this and I'm 6 5" and 20 stone.


Honestly any time I have to drive to and from work. If you guys are ever in the south east steer clear of Georgia and Florida. We have the stupidest traffic. Everyone is either too slow and dumb. Too aggressive and a 20/10 on the douchebag scale. Or out there literally trying to cause accidents and get everyone killed. Any time it rains there are no less then 1-2 accidents per hour even if it's a light sprinkle, If there's a turn lane you can be 10000% certain someone is going to try and use it to cut ahead of traffic. Red lights are just a suggestion, and Everyone is either doing 5 under the speed limit or trying for the US record in super speeder tickets.
Sorry for the off-topic question, but what part of GA you from? I'm in Alpharetta.


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Sorry for the off-topic question, but what part of GA you from? I'm in Alpharetta.
I'm from Loganville but my commute takes me up 78 and Memorial Drive to downtown Decatur. I also have to frequent Hartsfield Jackson, Scenic Highway (124), 85, 285, and 75. Pick a highway lmfao I've seen the depths of hell and it's somewhere in Georgia's roads.


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I'm not sure I used the right word as I said.
I meant I did this to my ps4 controller:

The plastic broke and the insides fell out so I was left with a pile of chunks.

What's the word..ringed? wringed? English is not my first language.

I could do it again but i'm down to only one controller.

I'm 6 2'' and 19 stones if that counts, but the ps4 pad is very flimsy.
I got to thinking about this the other day, because trying to main D'vorah right now definitely increases my salinity. I was actually mad about a set the next day, which isn't something that typically happens to me.

But it's nowhere near the saltiest I've ever been. That moment came during Injustice 2. I've been a Harley main since I:GAU, which was the first fighting game I took seriously, and as such I have a deep seated loathing of the Aquaman matchup. Flash forward a few years to I2 and he's finally nerfed to a fair level and...he still 7-3's Harley.

One day I was in a set with some random Aquaman that I felt wasn't as skilled as me, but I wasn't able to overcome the matchup, like usual. Like usual since 2013 and nothing ever changed, but here I was, still banging my head against a solid wall trident rush and from the deep.

Didn't actually get angry, I was all the way past that into outright depression...so I went back to college. Not even kidding, the impetus for me going back to college for a new degree was how awful that mu has been for so long. I'd been considering it for awhile, but that's what made it happen. Still going strong too, I'm a few years out from a chemistry degree.
Mk9 losing to lag, injustice 2 constant 2d shooter games (jump or walk back pew pew pew) mkx all the damn fast guessing games with the stupid 50 50s and plus frames feeling like you cant even play the game. Having to shit or piss really fucking bad during a heated set knowing if you take a tiny pee break theyll leave. When the kitty litter bag split in two on an oriental rug.

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ooh Good story! so My dad Races Motorcycles in this place called BiR(Brainerd International Raceway) and there is this Go-Kart track nearby.
We had 12 family and like 5 rando's and my brother and I stayed ahead mostly bumping each other. then, We started laping people so I got a good lead right? FINAL LAP I am about to repark the kart but my dad's cousin decided to crash into me! ended up last...my brother got first so I knew that was gunna be hell..untill they counter folks said I actually won,oh boy THAT felt good! (Not as good as bragging in my brothers face) but yea I was salty untill I found Out I won