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What are some custom variation moves that are too OP for tournament?


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I advocate for custom variations, but its no secret that there are some moves that are seriously busted outside of legal variations. We just haven't talked about it yet. People seem to complain about a few in the beta like misery blade although I can't speak for how good it was since I never played the beta. What are some hidden broken variations that we just haven't talked about yet and dont exist in the tournament meta?

Edit: What combination of custom move sets would be OP?
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I saw someone doing some insane kustom Johnny combos, but can’t remember what moves were involved.


Fisticuffs stuntdouble...is fun, but only if you like chip damage scumbag tactics...:) i do


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The only thing I can think of that might be problematic is kitana’s upward fan toss because she can get some combos with it

But i think it’s more about combinations then it is single moves, for example having skarlet with her counter, siphon, and teleport is a deadly combo


Kano has lumbar check (command grab) anti jumping mine, and molotov cocktail or chem burn...sounds preatty op imo