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Breakthrough Was Jax really that bad?

Where would you place Jax?

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I don't see how he'd even be top 10, but top 15 definitely. Like CDjr said, his best string whiffing on characters can really limit him vs certain characters. Not to mention, his bigger damage options midscreen can be situational/read-heavy at times, or come from major punish windows. In a game where characters are converting at least 11f stuff into 30-40%, that's going to be an issue.
dont think he is top 10 but you can't mention all the bad stuff without mentioning the good stuff other characters usually dont have like a reset in the corner, 8f low against 2/3 of the cast, 2 safe super armor moves and the ex dash punch was good enough for you to react to stuff and punish or get in for free.

edit: kitana, lao, sonya, cage, freddy, cyrax, kenshi, kabal and smoke were better than him without a doubt. Skarlet was probably better than him even though im not that high on her. So he is probably not top 10, he is 11th at best imo