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Want me to scream for you? Sindel's face model found


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I believe they tweaked her features to resemble Kitana’s, specifically the eyes. From what we saw of Jerrod, he’s definitely not Asian.


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this model looks nothing like the game charicter.. in fact mot of these "face model" posts seem like a serious reach to me. I'd like to see something official, as these photos look NOTHING like the game character, to me.
It's safe to assume all face models are just used for a base, and then on top of that NRS puts the traits that reinforce visually their concepts. Sindel had to be aged up, and her face was clearly remodeled a bit to ressemble Kitana.

Another example would be Johnny, his model looks handsome af, but Johnny looks trashy because his core concept is about looking goofy.

All models are just a base layer, and on top of it the characters come to life.


some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous
I'm not saying face models do not exist. I know the guys in the art dept at my work often work from images... but what I am saying is that the images in this thread are as good as random. There are not any similarities I can see.


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i'm not exactly sure why some are disputing this. in all modeling shoots they are made to look drastically different depending on what they are modeling for, plus heavily photoshopped. Plus. the official site is select model management. it links her instagram that is posted, her measurements, etc. also worth noting, she posted this on December 5 which i believe is a day after when she was available to purchase without early access. it was simply a modeling gig and she was paid and moved on and it was likely brought to her attention then. Many of her hair styles are also similar in nature to how it is tied back which could be used for reference. it makes no sense why she would lie about this.