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UPDATED: INJUSTICE 2 Confirmed for EVO 2017! Mortal Kombat XL MUST BE VOTED IN via DONATIONS!

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NetherRealm and WB should stop supporting EVO as the most important tournament of the year for their games. Look at CB, KIT, TCW... Those guys doing a lot of job for your games. Please, spend your money and resources on them. Don't throw another $50k to EVO.
EVO is also way too expensive for the bullshit treatment NRS community gets year after year.
Can we please try to make CEO or CB the official major of NRS games please.

I think it is time.
Yep and instead of our cup qualifiers (ESL) being online single elimination tournaments how about our premier tournament qualifiers be an offline circuit that includes tournaments like TCW,CB,CEO,KIT,FR.

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Even if Injustice could have been forgiven for its lackluster first top 8 at Evo being that it was this whole new IP for NRS, the following year's grand finals probably would have needed both players to actually show up to make that happen, and instead it was the worst kind of garbage so here we are.
Even if Injustice could have been forgiven for its lackluster first top 8 at Evo being that it was this whole new IP for NRS, the following year's grand finals probably would have needed both players to actually show up to make that happen, and instead it was the worst kind of garbage so here we are.
what exactly happened I m curious

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I'd rather vote for Marvel or KI over MKX. Those two games have always had amazing showings at evo.

Also people complaining about Saturday finals. Smash 4 had to have that last year and they had way more numbers than MKX.

1) You can either whine that we aren't being treated well. And try to move our scene to a different tournament calling it our evo.
2) Show up at evo in massive numbers to show that they fucked up with putting us on a Saturday
3) Get over it cause a lotta y'all don't even travel in the first place.

Edit: Ya this speaks a lot about the NRS community.
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MKX doesn't need to be questioned at it's place on EVO. The whole tournament last year was excellent, the grand finals was probably the best in the whole event and that with the game ridiculously polarized. Now with a better version of the game, Injustice 2 and the community already will be making an extra effort to attend because Injustice will have its first year, I can't see why the game shouldn't be. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 it's the most unfair of the most, the game never should be questioned his place at EVO after all it has done in terms of tournament and hype moments. But KI, the game is great, the top 8s were godlike, but the community deserved beeing out, it's like they want the game dead. They played like it was never gonna die, and died like they never played at all. I hope KIWC become a godlike tournament and the community chooses another main tournament besides EVO.
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Is this EVO's way of having revenge because NRS players complained about the treatment they got last year at EVO. So we complained about seats and now they are like - we'll give you a seat, here you can have the back seat NRS.... lol


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Never thought I would see Evo takin over by Nintendo. Both smash and pokken tournament has over 3000 bucks.
THIS IS ULTIMATELLY BS! a skilles noob buttom mashing, easy mode game for skilles, executionless people that cant deal with crosups, zoning, etc like tekken 7 getting a fix spot!! inj not getting a sunday finals stream! mkx not in... fuck EVO.
We as a community should keep both MKXL and Injustice going. It's vital to stop this NRS cycle BS, both games have enough differences to maintain their spots and love for everyone. There are other tournaments that cares more for NRS than EVO and they are the ones to fight for a spot, not EVO, it is not worth our dedication to put MKXL in there. If they want us, then put in the starting line-up. We are more than that tbh.


NRS is the biggest (and best-selling) fighting game developer in NA; they should get a spot on the main stage just by that alone.

Like it's been said; don't give EVO that much importance and elevate the other majors who are run by people that actually give a frack.

We all know that the EVO people get perks like 'game/character reveals' for the support of Capcom/Namco games. That part is not going to change. Tekken 7 will be out a month and it's still put on the main stage. Guess which side of the world is winning that tourney?

Smash is like a cult, so good luck with the zealots. They are not changing, only developing early arthritis and carpal tunnel because they still 'believe'.

And, yes; NRS can actually support 2 games at the same time. That would only make the scene grow.


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I was mad that Inj. didn't make Sunday at first but it makes sense if you look at it objectively:

SFV- Self Explanatory

Smash 4- Like it or not, Smash consistently has more entrants/viewers than any FG not named SFV. We're lucky they didn't put both smash games on Sunday as they very well could have to boost the viewer count.

BB and Tekken- I suspect this is to cater to the international/Asian crowds. A lot of the entrants for both of these will be from out of country which means a lot of them might have stayed home if their game was only a 2 day event. EVO also gets more viewers from foreigners coming because it gets them more viewers from those respective countries. That isn't even mentioning the fact that both of these games have a long established history of being at EVO.

Donations game: This makes sense because it gives an incentive for people to pay to play. They aren't just paying for their game to be at EVO, they are paying to get a Sunday spot (at 8am which sucks for everyone but w/e).

Also, while I'm 100% on board with making another tournament the "premier" NRS tournament, burning bridges at EVO would be dumb. EVO is the biggest FG tournament of the year and there is frankly no better place to gain exposure/growth due to its large number of viewers. If no one shows up to Injustice then we lose out on a huge opportunity to attract viewers who are waiting on their game (viewership is lower on Saturday but not much in the grand scheme of things). That being said I highly doubt INjustice won't get insane numbers even if there is a boycott in the community. A lot of people are hype for Injustice outside the NRS community.


I don't get how people are finding this so surprising and stupid and even calling it disrespectful

Last time evo hosted an injustice tournament, we boo'd during grand finals because of character choice (while the melee community supported VERY LOUDLY over the fox and marth picks they've seen for over a decade).

On top of that, we actively try to replace evo for not treating us like royalty. No doubt injustice 2 will have over 1K entrants. But if it even gets second year evo, it'll get like 275-400 and be on par with umvc3 likely.

Speaking of marvel, that's where my money is going. More hype, better game, better legacy.

Do I hate NRS games? No, I hate the community mostly.