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General/Other - Scorpion (Update) Scorpion 3 in 1 - Closer Look

Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
Previous: http://testyourmight.com/threads/cassie-cage-3-in-1-closer-look.44889/#post-1433876

I asked for the other threads to be closed to simplify in a single one, and also with tons of scorpion vids this is probably the most accurate breakdown.

Why i'm doing this again?
To simplify these breakdowns i though it was better to put them all in a single thread, instead of one in each, which later on does complicates everything by trying to figure it out what does what.

I want to clear it those lately miss informations that MKX characters A B and C are totally different characters, when in fact they aren't that much of different.

Scorpion is a character with a particular ability to alter some of his special moves proprieties post use, for the looks of it, doesn't seems to be linked to any variation at all.

Description: All EX (MB) special moves are in ( ) all altering proprieties specials are in red, all technical notes are in"".

::: Scorpion :::​
Special moves: (not variant dependant)

Spear: "grants free hit" (Dual Spear) "hits mid, grants free hit"

(Hellish Spear) "Hold "input" during Dual Spear" - "Deals more damage, Grants free hit"

Flaming uppercut:
"sends characters fullscreen"

This move is in the game, there is not good quality of footage from it except this one where he gets frozen:

"staggers on hit" (Flameport) "Grants juggle"

Teleport Cancel
- "Hold Down during teleport or Flameport" - "twitter, someone from E3"

Teleport becomes completely evasive

Takedown "knockdown" (Takeout) "Knockdown"

This are the changeable specials in Scorpion's variations:

::: Variations Traits:::
- Ninjutsu -
Visual Difference: Has two swords in the back, crossed swords sign appear in the health hud.

Ability: adds unique sword attacks into some strings, Dual Slash & Up Slash into Scorpion's moveset

Dual Slash: Command normal both hits are overhead, and grants juggles.

Uplash: command normal, hits mid, grants juggle and can also be used to AA since the startup is fast and has good range.

- Hellfire -
Visual Difference: Both Hands glows with a small burning flame, a fire sign is displayed in the health hud.

Ability: Adds Demon Fire, Hell Ball & Flame Aura into Scorpion's moveset.

Demon Fire: His old hellfire move now is called demon fire, this time though, on hit grants a small stun that should allow scorpion to start mixups.

Hell Ball: A Fire Ball that can be chargable before throwing, its also dash cancelable up on charge, also grants stagger on hit, and allows the same functions as Demon Fire.

Flame Aura: Set himself into fire, upon startup it burns the opponent if its near him granting free hit, it can also work as a combo start. The Flame aura increases scorpion's damage output unknown if it does affect chip as well. it lasts for 360 frames (6 seconds)

- Inferno -
Visual Difference: Has a skull device on his waist, a skull is displayed on the health hud.

Ability: Adds Summoning (from the ground, From Above, From Behind)

Scorpion is already a very mobile character with specials that can change proprietes, his third variation simply allows him to better control the space while able to move at will.

Summoning(from the Ground): A demon comes from the ground and grabs the opponent, grants free hit landing.

Summoning (From Above): Summons a demon that hits from the air with a dive kick

Summoning (From Behind): A Demon appear from behind using a teleport punch, it pushes opponents out of the corner.

X-Ray: Scorpion Sting "Can be redirected"
Scorpion X-Ray is also chargable, and can be redirected to hit from the back instead of front if you hold a directional input, by defaut it travels towards the opponent in any variation.

Fatality: Face cut-off.

His Hellflip move is now a breaker.
Scorpion dash causes stance switch
Scorpion teleport (air) causes stance switch
Scorpion teleport doesn't have tracking, which you can now scope space to teleport without hitting the opponent, becoming an escaping tool.
Ninjutsu Upslash casues stance switch.
Scorpion 212 string in Ninjutsu, the last hit is a sword attack.
214 and 114 strings launches opponents away and are special cancelables. "twitter, can't recall who"
Scorpion has a low starter string.
Scorpion has a kick that hops over low attacks and hits mid, and can be linked into specials.
NJP in Ninjutsu variation becomes sword based.

On the trailer video, the scorpion player was doing combos starting with d3 into flame aura and d1 into dual spear, we have no confirmation if pokes are combo-ables at this point.


Who's coming to Ghana?
I'm I the only one who has a problem with how scorpion summons those demons. I feel it should be 'ninja sign weaves'. That animation seem pretty cliché.
and oh, good work Eddy.