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Tech Unclashable corner pressure and combos


Beaten, by this mere man
Basically in the corner lex can hit confirm several things for unclashable damage, here's what I've found that start with b1:
1) b1db3 d1 d3 into a super which can reset super damage for 12%+35%=47% damage assuming they block the b1 and d1.
2) b1db3 f2 then into hit confirm super or hit confirm b3 into transition or another b3 after the first if there's no transition for meterless 27%. If you do the super reset it does 14%+35%= 49%.
3) b1db3 d1 b1 f2 hit confirm into super for reset damage (12%+35%=47%) or corpse charge for meterless.
4)b1db3MB then intant j3 or d3 into b3 transition or add a second b3 to get 29% or 27% unclashable meterless.

Overhead starters:
1)b2db1(hold to level 2) this won't combo but will leave you with + frames so you can get a corpse charge or d3 afterwards.if they get hit by the db1 on level 2 you can get a free corpse charge.

I haven't found a decent overhead starter because lex's f3 is the only overhead that has good enough +frames but I'll leave this tech out there in case anyone wants to add to it/adapt it.
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