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UMK3 Results&videos at Moscow Fighting Arena 2013

Full Results:
1. Pravda (Russia, Saint-Peterburg) 5000 rur+sertificate
2. Snowbody (Belarus, Mogilev) 2500 rur + sertificate
3. Storm (Russia, Saint-Peterburg) 1500 rur+sertificate
4. Tank U-GIN (Russia, Moscow/Yekaterinburg) - 1000 rur
5-6. Cold Death (Russia, Moscow)/, mafioso (Russia, Moscow)
7-8. Gas (Russia, Moscow)/Spolan (Russia, Saint-Peterburg)
9-12. Keblochan/Quan Shung/Bruce Lee/Zelost
13-15. Artem/Knotter/Robinzzon
16-20. Smokey/Jamin/Good Luck/Xalf/Fidoskin
Photo of Winners:

More photos:


Full resolutine Bracket here:
1)Grand Final first to 7 wins
Snowbody (p1) vs Pravda (p2)
2)Losers Final. First to 5 wins
Storm (p1) vs Snowbody(p2)
3)winners final. First to 5
Storm (p1) vs Pravda (P2)
4)Losers semifinal 1. First to 5.
mafioso(p1) vs Snowbody(p2)
5)Losers semifinal 2. First to 5
Cold Death (p1) vs TANK U-GIN(p2)



A living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat
Nice, I only watched the GFs because my internet sucks. Next time try to put the camera on a better angle ;)

oh and nice last robo smoke round!
After losers semi finals my good camera was battery low. And from the loser finals i started to use
My Go Pro Hero camera - it is almost impossible to find good angle, and don't shut the tv-view to the players :(( i was tried but only like this. Try to watch earlier videos (3,4,5) - there is good view