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UMK3 Arcade Hack (Juggernauts v1.0)

sorry for necroposting but i have successfully find the guy who create the juggernauts and zeus hack! i will not share his nickname but i will keep trying to contact him and asking questions


you know what should be good, that he can hack the game to be played for 4 players at the same time, like king of fighters or umk3 from sega
I think that this great hack it is not posted on the web or I am wrong (?)
That is how it looks...

As will see; be contained in the main board, the following characters unlocked:

-Human Smoke
-Classic Sub-Zero
-Noob Saibot

And Changes in the towers.

You can play online perfectly. Just have to replace the original rom "umk3.zip" (7.05 MB) for this

http://bit.ly/1QZ4Hnv (7.06 MB) Edited fixed link Sep 2016
Mgo, it feels like pure 1.2 has more aggressive AI even at 1st tower. If someone can confirm, maybe changelist should be updated :confused: