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TYM News Show Recap #2

A lot has gone down this week, and @Jolt is here with the TYM news show to break it all down for everyone once again. Topics for this week are tournament stuff and the deluge of of tier lists coming out.


Check it out down below and let us know what you think. Suggestions are always welcome! Been a busy week for everyone, so we don't have this going on any kind of set schedule for the time being.



Hey guys! I hope everyone likes the general format. I haven't received a lot of feedback just yet (but so far what I have heard has been positive so thank you!)

Is there anything in particular that you, the community, would like to see included? Would you be interested in some of the things that pop up from players on Twitter? Displays of some of the tech that has been posted?

I make the content but ultimately the show is for you so I want it to be everything you could ask for