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Trait MidPumpshot Ender -> Crossup

Captain Oxygen

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After messing around in training mode with this, I found you can end a combo with certain strings into traited mid pumpshot to get an ambiguous crossup afterwards. And what I've basically found is a better version of the Party Crasher ender in almost every way.

When Lobo has nuclear shells loaded, it alters the properties of his pumpshots, the low version launches, the high/mid versions have longer reach. The high version is a soft knockdown at 13%, and the mid version is a hard knockdown at 11%

While you can get the HKD from any string into midshot, the best string I've found for this is B2U1, and from a raw D1. If you either end your combo with B2U1-> Trait Midshot, or do a raw D1 -> Trait Midshot you can do an ambiguous crossup on the opponent. From certain distances Lobo's J2 will crossup depending on When you hit the button, and J1 will avoid certain wakeups.

You can easily implement this into your combos without sacrificing much damage.
J2,B2U1,D2,B2U1,TraitMidshot = 33%
J2,B2U1,113,CzarTossMB,B2U1,TraitMidshot = 48%
CzarTossMB,B3,J2,B2U1,TraitMidshot = 42%

This knockdown gives similar properties to the standard hook charge ender, allowing you to avoid certain wakeups with J1, and giving you a better setup afterwards for losing a little bit of damage.

I'm gonna mess with this setup in the future and tell you all how it goes.


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Well this is weird! I was fudging around with Mid-shot as an ender to see if i could get a certain setup....but than I got bored and went into Ranked lol! Nice too know that it can be used for something!


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Welp, I'm finna play with this when I get home. I end combos with midshot sometimes but usually only off of 21~mid shot or f21~mid shot.

Looking forward to having another decent crossup setup.


Can we get a vid? This seems like some good stuff but I'm new to Lobo and I think a vid will greatly help.