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"Tournament" Variations seem Slapped together

I'm happy with the variations as they are

  • Yes

    Votes: 5 5.5%
  • No would have preferred customs

    Votes: 73 80.2%
  • No hope we get more soon

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I can only speak for the character I have had experience with and plan on playing, but Skarlet's variations seem fine to me.

However, I 100% would have preferred custom variations.


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I honestly think we all are overreacting, let’s get the freaking game first and see how it plays. Maybe some variations don’t look good on paper but we still need to know how good their standard moves are and take into consideration how good their normals/frame data are, so yeah.... let’s wait and if it turns out to be bad in a few months we can start bitching.


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Why the hell would it be already live for early copies? Don't day 1 patches be live when the game OFFICIALLY released? If this is true, then thats dumb as fuck on NRS' part.
It's not dumb lol. The Day 1 patch is live because reviewers have likely gotten their copies. And they're not gonna have them reviewing the game without all the fixes and what not. Speaking as someone who works in the industry, it's not uncommon for Day 1 patches to go out before release for reviewers.


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it literally blows my mind how some of you argue they couldnt possibly balance the customization options when in the beta we had literally zero balance/broken issues with thd 5 characters available.. zilch,nada, zero...

youre telling they couldnt balance 19 more? gtfo...

The real reason NRS is doing this is because patches are very expensive to them. They know if they give us less options with much safer/boring variables, the probability of them having to patch the game goes down..

This is the real reason


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whether you were a fan of I2 or not, I don't think you can argue that the game wasn't a well balanced game
My point exactly. I2 was a counterpick fest at the highest level skill was damn near thrown out the window and that’s before even mentioning starfire lol


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this is another fact of life with modern video games, the first year of it is really a worldwide test to see what they want the end product to look like

I haven't bought a single game in the last few years that didn't have 100 minor changes or several big ones withing a few months. Patches enable this and customers support it. It sucks, but I don't want to wait a year to play this game either, so here we are. It leads to way better games eventually but a much rougher first couple of months.


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I'd like to choose "Yes, but I hope they add more soon". I'm personally satisfied, I see a variation I'd be happy to play with for every character I want to play personally, but I think it'd be better for the game's health if there were 3 or 4 variations. Thankfully, I'm of the opinion that the third variation will come sooner than later. Day 1? Unlikely. They said 2 on launch day. But I personally estimate that it'll come within the first two months at the latest. Perhaps that's optimistic. But I feel it's a lot closer than the 6+ months a certain pessimist in the SZ thread suggested.


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Have seen those from Subby's variations.

One is of a reactionary abilities, for it contains a gameplay similar to MKX's UB SZ, which translates to us as full of counters. Not sure if they can absorb the projectiles, but will test that once I get the game in my hands.

The other is like MK2's version.

Overall, not sure if I can play him competitively. Will try him out and see if there are balancedly viable to deal with the whole roster.

We don't know yet if it'll be final, because game isn't out yet.


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I would have preferred customs but I’m more than happy to stick to Kasual. It is what it is for me. I kinda wanted to attack ranked mode for the first time in any fighting game but it’s not a big deal.


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Didn't we all know this was going to be a problem from the beta? It seemed pretty clear that there were ideal moves, then a lot of situational moves. You can't make combo string moves liked gutted variations instead of base and then expect balance in customs.

And I'm not saying there ever needs to be true balance. But can't we all agree that if customs went live as is, we would just have one netdeck variation of every character?

This course of action seems prudent if NRS wants to see diversity in character play style, ironically.


People calm down, im sure variations will be patched, shuffled, balanced, adjusted and reworked as the game progresses
nope, we got the evo build right here, with fucking frost and online play still locked and no god damned misery blade. We're so fucked.