Top 8 for This Week's War of the Gods

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By HellblazerHawkman on Jun 18, 2018 at 6:54 PM
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    Hey you. Yeah, you. The one just looking at this on the front page. Don't think I don't see you there. I also didn't see you in the War of the Gods week 2 pools on Sunday. That's alright though, we got you covered with the Top 8 update. Looking like a rough time this week in losers, Semiij's weekly streak might finally be coming to an end.

    Over in Winner's, we have the Flash god bc Honeybee against the master of cast RLN TitaniumTigerzz. On the other side is the potential for a Hellboy mirror with HZRDS Knicks vs. Method Sylverrye. In Loser's, it's the Noble team-kill with Semiij playing Tweedy. Closing us out is newcomer Hero Killer Stain against Bane Coast Biohazard. A lot could go down, and you can catch it all live this Wednesday at 8PM EST on
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    1. Wowbiggulps
      Big props to killer stain for making top 8 with borg
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    2. Jynks
      hope Biohazard keeps at it with Cheetah... he has the high damage combos on deck already... and she is so fun to watch.. I was very exci8ted when she came out.. Hellboy is a real issue for that character though.

      Pools was so stacked it was kinda crazy.

      I hope Silvereye takes it. I am not sure why but I always hope that guy dose well.
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    3. Ram
      Who is this man? is he on TYM? Twitter?
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    4. Marinjuana
      Is tigerz that sick Brainiac player?
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    5. Cursa
      The cheetah doesn't have to prove he's the fastest y'know
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    6. HellblazerHawkman
      Yeah, this is why I like WoTG. You see some new faces pop up, would anyone know Revetleafing or Tigerzz otherwise?
      Tigerz is that guy who literally plays the entire cast. So probably yes.
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    7. Cursa
      Silverrye's Hellboy looks like a fucking pain in the fucking ass to fucking deal with.\

      Pretty fucking good plays
    8. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      Top 8 is about to begin.

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