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    It's CEO yo! With some unfortunate weather problems out of Atlanta, a lot of players (notably EchoFox Theo) were not able to make their pools, so the event ended up a bit smaller then initially planned. However, we still had a ton of matches go down, with Friday running down from pools to Top 8.

    We've got a lot of familiar faces battling for those IPS Season 2 points tomorrow:

    Tweedy vs. Biohazard
    Gross vs. Semiij

    Tekken Master vs. Forever King
    Sonic Fox vs. Honeybee

    Some notable matches/events. Note, there may have been some more cool stuff that went down, this is just what I remembered while I was making this list at work:

    *Infinitii beat Slayer in pools, sending him to losers (grainy video with a hype pop-off courtesy of Forever King). If you missed the dealio, Slayer made a joke on Twitter about women not making Top 8s, so Infinitii sending him to losers came off pretty karmic.

    *Grr and Tweedy had a hype back and forth set with Tweedy clutching it out in a 3-2 match.

    *Forever King had a (just shy of) real master come back to stop himself from getting reversed 3-0'd by Dizzy.

    *Burrito Voorhees brought out Grodd in his set with Honeybee.

    *I learned that Illusions was not actually related to Honeybee/Biohazard.

    *Biohazard devoured the life bar of everyone he played with Bane and had a crazy set against Illusions.

    *It was at this point some friends wanted to go see Hereditary. While I love you guys, I also haven't left my apartment in a week.

    If you want to fact check me (I would absolutely lie to you about this) go check out the brackets here. Otherwise, see you tomorrow for our coverage of CEO's Top 8, which you can catch on Netherrealm's Twitch channel.
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