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To All the Liu Heads: Hang In There!

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Probably hate on him b/c he's never been very interesting.

Or maybe that scream in the old days gave them nightmares...

Saint Op Omen

Savagely beating his super-ego with his id...
People were saying it was Takeda now.
Really... Weird they look very different... But yeah the one people keep saying is Jax isn't either... it's another one that is... That was pointed out the first day and forgotten it seems...


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Dam little child, such hate! Ricky Grimes will save us from Kang. But nothing can save you from being a condescending trick. But at least Fujin won't be in.
Oh no, my heart. Some guy has just told me my favourite character in a video game series won't be in the next instalment of said video game series and his only evidence is.....his word. Pls halp, I is hertbrokn. D e a d

And it wasn't "hate", it was sarcasm.

Which this post is full of by the way, just in case you once more couldn't identify it.