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TMNT Watchtower Recap


Confused Thanagarian
I had to leave before the end of the stream... was there any announcements about future NRS stuff? KP4, MK11, new E-League / Pro-League anything like that?

Pretty sure they said Hellboy now takes a lot more damage.. kinda like Darksied.
Yeah, his stats were tuned to be more like Darkseid's, that was just the bit I heard. I'll edit that in

And no, the stream just ended after the notes


I would've really liked it if the turtles got tag in as a trait as most here wanted to see. That would've been cooler than Tri-Borg 2.0 IMO.

SZ IB being faster (how fast?) is great as it had the speed of a stun move withouth actually stunning. I hope the hit advantage is also higher because right now it's bad (one thing is not freezing, but not even getting good advantage on an ice move...).

Ivy's Bed of Thorns getting more damage will still mean nothing if the startup isn't reduced A LOT and also it should get some utility, otherwise still the worst move in the game and still not even close.


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
Wow, they FINALLY buffed GL. lol. Good to hear Raiden got a little better too. The TMNT got me hooked for now but I really am looking forward to that MK 11 announcement later this year. Thanks for the info dude!


Wakanda Forever!!
Can somebody please let me know when the full patch notes are posted, been looking around those since yesterday but not being able to find those :(
I'm a bit confused about the whole pizza box eat-to-replenish health bar / pizza box toss move.

Was that something that was specific to that outfit / gear set in particular (like Sub-Zero's Polar Bear Clone), or was that an unlockable "ability" like the Staff of Grayson that Steve / Tyler added onto that Michelangelo loadout??