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This is Sub-Zero (Injustice 2) by Tom Brady


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at 1:20 when I said F2 is +12 i meant 12 frames. Sorry if I confused anyone.

Tom man listen your honestly one of the coolest dudes in the FGC not alot of people, hell none of the competitive players like yourself would do this with this much depth. Just shows how much you care about us the community. I hope you continue to ignore the haters and keep doing great stuff like this cause we really appreciate it!
Anyone have any actual match gameplay of this? I want to see how effectively this can be enforced mid match because of how meter intensive it is.


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Nice vid breakdowns, I swear his combos ending in his command grab rarely hit and are tough to get out so I substitute down, back forward 1 for F2, 2, 1+3. I didn't play him in MK X so in a way he's totally new to me in lots of ways.