Things you don't say to characters.

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by NothingPersonal, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. you dont say to scorpion: wanna start the fire?????
  3. TheGangstaFace

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    You don’t say to @x TeeJay o : “Wonder woman beats Superman 7-3”
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  4. x TeeJay o

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  5. Tanno

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    You don't say to @Nivek : "Let's gamble, Wonder Boy."
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  6. You don't say to NRS players they've got good fundamentals.
  7. TamedLizard

    TamedLizard Nike. No games. Just B3.

    You don't tell WoWo that she's trying to impress the wrong guy.
  8. TyCarter35

    TyCarter35 Carried by d1 trident rush and tentacles

    Things you don't say to Aquaman Players: "I want more meterburn trident rushes"
  9. things you dont say to tom brady : use your ice clone and make it work properly and use your characteeeeeeeeeeeeeer
  10. Darth-Nero

    Darth-Nero Cute bolts of thunder

    You don't say to Raiden: "Lighten up dude, you look shocked"
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  11. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Don't let your memes be dreams

    Don’t say to Flash: you’re being accurately portrayed and not upplayed
  12. Barrogh

    Barrogh Meta saltmine

    You don't say to Bane players that he needs nerfs while wearing SG avatar. Even if you don't play SG.

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