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Strategy The Utility of Cyborg's 'Techno Tackle'


Shocking Your System
When looking at the move list for Cyborg, you may find the simple looking Techno Tackle underwhelming compared to the Zipline and the Missiles. However after looking at today's new gameplay videos, I think I've found a valuable way to use this move.


At 0:33 Cyborg ends a strings and then uses Techno Tackle to get on the other side of Wonder Woman. If this could be done at the right distance, you could, 1. land on the other side of your opponent inturn preforming a cross up but closer to the ground and start new pressure or 2. Land right infront of your opponent and start new pressure or set up....



Average at Best
The more options the better! Good observation. As a Cyborg player it will be fundamental to get the spacing down for the mindgames.


Buluc Chabtan
after a meter burn Techno Tackle:
1) you can jump in right away and hit them with j2 b231xxGrapple (my personal favorite)
2) you can do a short dash and cross them up with j2
3) you can do a long dash and do neutral j2