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The Ultimate Dr. Fate Combo List

Evil Presence

Representing STB
This is a work in progress.

I've been working on putting all my combos into one list. This is what I have so far. If you guys have combos that are not listed please post them.

Midscreen Meterless
F2u3, f2, 11, f2xxdb2 200%
F2u3, f2, f2xxdb2 183%
F2u3, f2xxdb2 165%
112xxdf1 152%
B1d3xxdb2 138%
B2, 11, f2xxdb2 172%
B2, 2113 181%
B3&F3 j3, 2113 308%

Corner Meterless
112xxdb2, f2u3xxdb2, d1xxdb2 305%
F2u3xxdb2, 2113, 112xxdb2 290%
F2u3xxdb2, 3xxdb2, f2u3xxdb2 312%
F2u3, 3xxdb2, 2113, 11xxdb2 325%
B1d32xxdb2, f2u3xxdb2, 112xxdb2 274%
B1d3xxdb2, f2u3xxdb2, 112xxdb2 315%
B2xxdb2, f2u3xxdb2, 112xxdb2 301%
F3, 3xxdb2, 3xxdb2, 112xxdb2 427%
Opponent jumps
B2, 3xxdb2, f2u3xxdb2, d1xxdb2 331%

Trait Corner Meterless
112xxdb1, d2xxdb1, 11, 112xxdb2 352%
F2u3xxdb1, d2xxdb1, 112xxdb2 306%
B1d3xxdb1, 11xxdb1, 112xxdb2 369%
B2, f2u3xxdb2, 3xxdb2 286%
F3, db2, d2xxdb2, 2113, 11xxdb2 400%
Throw, f2u3, 3xxdb2 307%
Throw, f2u3, 2113, d1xxdb2 337%

Opponent jumps
B2xxdb1, d2xxdb1, 2113, d1xxdb2 350%

B2, f2xxdb2
B2, j1, f2xxdb2
B2, j2, 11, 2113
J1&2, 11, 2113
J1&2, 11 f2xxdb2

Midscreen (enders with orb include chip in damage)
1 ankh
112xxdf1, df3, f3, j2, d1xxdb2 380%
F2u3, f2xxdf1, df3, b3, j2, f2xxdb2 351%
F2u3, f2xxdf1, df3, b3, j3, f2xxdb2 369%
F2u3, f2xxdf1, df3, b3, j3, f2u3xxdb1 385%
B2, f2xxdf1, df3, b3, j3, f2xxdb2 394%
B2, f2xxdf1, df3, b3, j3, f2u3xxdb1 397%
F3, f2xxdf1, df3, j3, f2xxdb2 397%
B3, j3, 3xxdf1, df3, df1 404%

B2, 4, df1, df3, b3, j3, f2xxdb2 384% *Trait call
B2, f2xxdf1, df3, b3, j3, f2xxdf1 394%

Air to Airs
J1, f2xxdf1, df3, b3, j3, f2xxdb2 392%
J1, f2xxdf1, df3, b3, j3, f2u3xxdb1 396%
J2, f2xxdf1, df3, b3, j3, f2xxdb2 413%
J2, f2xxdf1, df3, b3, j3, f2u3xxdb1 417%

1 ankh
112xxdb1, df3, d2xxdb1, 3xxdb2 381%
112xxdb1, d2xxdb1, df3, f3, 3xxdb2 407%
112xxdb1, df3, f3, 11, 3xxdb2 410%
F2u3xxdb1, df3, d2xxdb1, 3xxdb2 338%
F2u3xxdb1, 2113, df3, 3xxdb2 355%
F2u3xxdb1, d2xxdb1, df3, f3, 3xxdb2 361%
B1d3xxdb1, df3, f3, d2xxdb1, 2213 d1xxdb2 451%
F3, 3xxdf1, df3, 2113, d1xxdb2 450%
F3, db1, 3xxdf1, df3, 3xxdb2 480%

Throw, f2xxdf1, df3, 3xxdb2 403%
Throw, f2xxdf1, df3, 2113, 11xxdb2 442%

2 ankh
F3, 3xxdf1, df3, db1, 3xxdb2 500%
Throw, f2xxdf1, df3, f3, 3xxdb2 482%

112xxmbf3, j3, 2113 387%
F2xxmbb3, j3, 2113 380%

Midscreen (press 4 if trait not active)
F2, 4xxdb2mb, b3, j3, 11, f2xxdb2 295%
11, 4xxdb2mb, b3, j3, 11, f2xxdb2 292%

1 ankh
F2xxdb2mb, j3, df3, b3, j3, f2xxdb2 336% (start with trait)
F2, 4xxdb2mb, b3, db1, df3, j3 2113 333%

1 ankh
Throw, f2xxdf1, df3, 3xxdb2MB, 2113 456%

2 ankhs
Throw, f2xxdf1, df3, f3, 3xxdb2MB, 2113 520%


Low tier button masher.
Nice list. I gotta improve my execution on the traited ankh combos. Right now I substitute "f2xxdf1, df3" for "f2u3, df3" in some combos cause I find it easier, but it does less damage overall.
With 1 ankh in the corner you can do:
112xxdb1, df3, b3, NJ3, 3xxdb2
F2u3, 3xxdf1, df3, b3, NJ3, 3xxdb2
Throw, b1xxdf1, df3, b3, NJ3, 3xxdb2 (gravity makes the 3xxdb2 at the end very tight, so can be substituted with f2xxdb2)
These do more damage than what you have listed from the same starters meterless