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THE SPOTLIGHT! Soul Calibur 6 Exibitions TONIGHT at 8pm EST


Mr. Righteous
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A content creator by the name of J-Gleez who also made content for Injustice 2, has over 20,000 subscribers on Youtube, and is buff as fuck has created a platform for competitive gamers to show their skills. It's a simple best out of 3 that will be LIVE and in color! This is actually opened to anybody who is down to sign up and I will leave the info below. The platform is PS4, and will start tomorrow (November 8) at 8pm EST.

Another TYM member has also showcased his skills too. Just wanted to share if anybody is interested to be a part of or just watch. Check it out, see me get bodied or see me body dat ass! Righteous ;)

His info....Check out J Gleez (@bigjgleez): https://twitter.com/bigjgleez?s=09

Stream Info....https://twitter.com/JBeezYBabY_AvaB/status/1060267392138280960?s=19
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