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The Slips and Hippo Show Ep. 13 - The One About The MK11 Beta and Variations

The Slips and Hippo Show is back for episode 13, and what a show it is! Slips and I catch up, but then we're right into discussing all the happenings of the past couple weeks, most notably the MK11 beta, and giving some of our thoughts and impressions there. We also talk about the newly announced character Cetrion, as well as give some spicy takes regarding some information about the game revealed in a GameInformer cover story. Also a little bird-on-man violence? Great show as always, so check it out! Remember, if you can't download the show straight from Podbean, we are available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play, or you can copy the RSS feed into your podcast app of choice!



00:00:00 - 00:19:02 (Talkin' Shop: Sekiro, Genesis Classic, bird violence)

00:19:03 - 00:27:14 (Kombat Kast recap from last week)

00:27:15 - 01:05:08 (MK11 beta thoughts and impressions)

01:05:09 - 01:33:27 (Kustomization Krisis 2019)

01:33:28 - 01:38:42 (Antivaxxer nonsense)

01:38:43 - 01:42:24 (Wrap-up)

01:42:26 - 01:44:20 (???)
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Also, y’all forgot to mention that the Kombat Kasts were pretty much exclusively promoting Kustom Variations. Why would they be promoting them so hard, and allowing them in the stress test and beta, if it’s only available for single player and player matches? It really makes no sense and for me it feels like I’ve been fooled.

To add another analogy, it’s like your parents promising you ice cream for weeks. They say “on Saturday, we’re gonna take you to the ice cream store and you’re gonna be able to pick whatever ice cream you want!”. Then Saturday comes, you go to the store, and as soon as you’re about to choose, your mom goes “he’ll have vanilla”. Yeah you’re still getting ice cream and you would be grateful for it, but you would be extremely disappointed that you didn’t get the choice that you were promised.

Based on how much they’ve been promoting custom variations, there was very little indication that it wouldn’t be allowed in ranked or in tournaments.

Idk, hopefully it works out somehow. Because I was incredibly hype for MK11, now my hype has died down significantly.