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The Science of MKX: The Beginning (A PND Production)


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The latest video from the British Condiment Twins is out. The topic this time around is Mortal Kombat X, before they added the L, and all the technical aspects of the game at that time.

In a fun additional twist, they were looking at the game, not as Day 1, but Day -1: no 1.01 patch. This basically means, they have more options to break the game and you can check out some stuff that you probably never saw. The cool thing here is that we are getting a look at the original game with all the knowledge gained after 5 years. If you want to see how bad Sub-Zero could really get, or how busted Liu Kang could be, check out the video down below:



Im always streaming kano
Kano used to have kanoball armor and the shittiest b1 overhead in history . I was always day 1 kano but goddamn if i wasnt frustrated and begging nrs for buffs


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That was a great video and a nice trip down memory lane.

Also I was still very casual back then so it was pretty informative too!

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Watched the twitch stream they did to get all the footage for this, its obviously & understandably a lot longer with more stuff...Good shit though...


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Ty Ketchup for that. I hope many in the community understand the day 1 build of MK11 is bound to have many issues and that we shouldn't give up on our character or the game so early. It will all be addressed in time.
One of the first variations I tried was necromancer. iirc you could just avoid flick by walking forward, and avoid the grab one by running. Good times