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Tech - The Power of D2 quickstands.


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I think you guys are giving up too much damage for a corner setup that can people can wake up out of.

Just my thoughts
I can see your point to this but as DMS pointed out, it is like a vortex, assuming your opponent does not block. Also the meter off a blocked heat zap and + frames is too stronk. 1 blocked heat zap into a guessed wrong 50\50 could decide the match, especially on certain stages.


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Is this still viable in Injustice 2?
In practice mode, every time I get to the heat zap part it just swoops over them without touching them, and then they stand up, btw, I need to also MB the scoop to get the old injustice 1 "scoop effect".
Any advise?

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Even if it still was a thing, d2 quicksands was a pretty big gimmick. You could completely disregard it with a tech roll