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Scorpion should not be allowed in ranked sets. If variations are limited then there's no reason not to take it a step further. The hivemind keeps shouting "MUH MOST BALANCED MK GAME", but the term "pocket Scorpion" is real. Imagine creating a character so cheap, so powerful, and so low IQ that a 7 year old can win with him. The fact that these scumbags keep switching to Reborn Scorpion to guarantee a free win is pathetic and weak. And then tbag like you're a good player? No you're not good if you use Scorpion. In fact, winning with Scorpion shouldn't even be counted on your record. Your wins aren't legitimate, they're fake. You didn't earn them. You suck at the game. I grew out of my ninja phase after shaolin monks. Its time you all do the same.
Don't expect me to play you if you pick Scorpion. I'm quitting the second your cursor hovers over that overpowered piece of shit. You want me to chase you around full screen while you abuse that cheap ass spear and teleport cancel into grabs
No fuck you.
This thread is hilarious lmao.

Throws have too much priority. I can’t say how many times I’ve been thrown out of low pokes/d2.

Breakaway mechanic is hot bunz and shouldn’t exist in a “neutral based” game. Why tone down combos just to add a pseudo-breaker anyway?
today i played a scorpion. i read a big boot stagger, so i jumped and as i landed BEHIND him it fucking crushing blowed and teleported me in front of him. i was so close to throwing my stick.

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Terrible times breed terrible things, my lord.
I hate to be that guy but this game is jank as fuck. Don't care what anyone else says. It feels like molasses under water in this game. I don't know if it's input lag or something else. It's missing some finesse. It's just not stream lined enough or has a flow like with inputs and commands like soooooo many other games.

10+ years of this shit.

Hate to say it but if NRS for just one time. One bloody time they can make a legacy game with legacy mechanics with out trying go overboard and add and subtract all the bloody time and just fix the issues that has been brought up 1000 plus times maybe. Just maybe we wouldn't be in a 2 year cycle and games and live and grow.

Look at Tekken 7. Harada-san put years into releasing a game with out that many issues and bugs. YEARS!!!! then there's this.

My rants done.


Does everyone agree that NRS has to make some drastic changes?

FBs, KBs, OP moves, creativity limits, Throw/Mid mini game, Pokefests?

These all require massive effectual changes, regardless of the size of the change itself. This stuff is going to kill this game - casuals will abandon especially if they wait until post-evo to address.
Yeah I still believe the game needs a big overhaul. I still consider it to be in the bottom of the barrel when it comes to fighting gameplay, alongside Fighter Z which I also consider to be at the bottom too.

MK11 is very glossy tho...but so's Fighter Z heh.


Fuck Kabal. I'm telling you now, once the current top tiers are nerfed this ugly ass motherfucker is going to be a huge problem.
Stupid safe long range low whiff recovery hurtboxless buttons that PHYSICALLY move him back so his hurtbox goes even further, it's a fucking nightmare ever taking your turn against this bastard. Literally Liu Kang on steroids, and no you can't jump his fucking dumb buttons. Cancerous FB, has viable KBs, (soap bar in my mouth) projectile, catwoman tier j2, fuck this guy.
There seems to be very little punishment on block in the game in general. Game could be a lot better if there was.


...NetherRealm’s answer to this problem is to create a set of pre-built variations for ranked and tournament play, similar to Mortal Kombat X’s. The developer has confirmed each character will have at least two pre-built variations using the same three-slot system as custom variations, though the number of variations per character could differ. The goal is to use as many of a character’s equippable moves across these variations as possible (so each one might see tournament play), but the priority will be to make sure these variations give every character a strong toolset. “They're definitely well thought-out, it's not like we just went 'Oh, cool, these three things look cool, slap those in.'” says NetherRealm lead designer John Edwards. “They are thought out and planned to create the best variety of gameplay within the system that we have."

This has not aged well, has it?


Mid-match beer sipper


Mid-match beer sipper
Probably some rollback issue, if you think otherwise try to recreate the situation in training mode.
Yeah I'm not the one it happened to, not the one who created the post. I just happened to come across it after seeing another TYM user complain of a similar occurrence online, and provided video evidence. I'm not really invested in this lol.


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Long fucking rant incoming

  • This game is getting on my last nerve, I was playing sonya and doing f+3 and guess what i was fighting geras and lost to d+1 mashing so I had to use throws after f+3 to beat it because this game is fucking bad. I had to abuse how shitty the grab mechanic is so i can frame trap this character.
  • Literally every time i fight a fucking liu kang it's just f+4, I fucking cannot stand seeing this string anymore. It makes me now visibly angry because it's all you need to fucking do. Why bother adding any other fucking move, why add a fucking d+1/d+3. All he needs is fucking grabs and f+4. He has two fucking launchers but HEY WHEN ARE YOU EVER GOING TO SEE IT BECAUSE f+4 is so busted. AND THIS ALSO GOES WITH ERRON'S B+2 String. Who the fuck thought this was good game design.
  • I don't even need to discuss scorpion at this point but i'm fucking sick of seeing this skill-less character. I have never seen such a badly designed character in my entire life.
  • Sub-zero's iceball is also fucking stupid and another horribly designed character. Can someone explain to me the fucking reason if i'm playing sonya and I hit him from full screen with ex fireball and I trade with iceball I still lose and he can walk up and knock me down? This character has fucking mixups, extremely good stagger pressure, tools which essentially can shut down neutral easily an unreactable overhead(if you think fucking 19 frames is reactable you're fucking (soap bar in my mouth) and i don't care for your opinion). Also due to how fucking trash jumping hurtboxes are I love getting clipped by fucking f+4 when i'm 30 feet in the air along with ice ball.
  • Cassie's low gunshot shouldn't knock down, Idfc what anyone says this move is fucking stupid. It's a projectile that knocks down, goes under nearly every other projectile and on top of that, ex version gets a full combo. Cetrion has the same move, slower, ex pop up does less damage and -50. OH WAIT, CASSIE'S EX LOW SHOT ALSO ANTI-AIRS. Fucking brilliant.
  • Kabal's hitboxes and hurtboxes are a joke especially b+1, I don't remember anyone in mkx have a disjointed hitbox that lead to a 33/33/33
  • Geras is an absolute fucking moron's character. ANY REASON WHY ANTI-AIRING j.2 needs to be so fucking hard? On top that fucking 11 needs to lead to a 50/50. The only reason why his f+2 string is managable is because of how shitty nrs programs hit/boxes and hurtboxes. He gets a fucking jab string that leads to a fucking mixup and don't let me even get started with his fatal blow and erron's.
  • Jumping hurtboxes are so large for no apparent reason. I love when my opponent is - and i jump i just get hit out of stuff.
  • Why are there no defensive mechanics other then flawless block and knockdown. Flawless block still loses to grab so who the fuck cares. The only other reliable defensive mechanic is fatal blow which certain characters need more privilege with then others.
  • There's literally no point playing below a-tier in this game. Want to know another game where you could only play a-tier and above and people also said it was balanced? Soulcalibur 4. Which in turn was one of the worst balanced games in the sc series.
  • This game is fucking trash.


I feel your pain. Fought a scorpion earlier and I had to continuously worry about the grab/tele cancel. I read it so many times but when it came down to it I lost. Also on the sub zero ice ball thing yeah it sucks when he can literally come from full screen and still combo after a trade. And Liu Kang... I’m done fighting that character at this point. A million different options to stop you from pushing buttons after f4 smh


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When you water down or take away tools completely you get a game that is technically more balanced since there are less variables to deal with. However it leads to an environment where there is almost no reason to use the lower tier characters (other than personal reasons like aesthetics). Especially if a lot of characters have the same game plan.

For example I don't consider Kitana and Jade unviable, but is there and reason to use them over Kabal? He does almost exactly what they do but with more damage and better mixups, among other things.
Came across the laggiest sub zero player that spammed the slide the entire game while my stupid ass kept getting hit by it. Won the set, but I’m sick of this fucking character on KL. Maybe a Jax player shouldn’t talk but damn is he all I’m seeing

Another thing, the frozen effect from subs ice ball lasts way too damn long. We were in the neutral and I fired two of my projectiles as Jax and before that he threw his ice ball and I was frozen for a bit but my projectile did hit him. The effect lasted so damn long that he actually had enough time to get stunned by my projectile walk right up to me then do an amplified slide.