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The Official Broadcast Schedule for MLG Anaheim 2014 - Watch at mlg.tv/fgc!


Filthy Casual
Any updates on what the hell is happening. All that's been on the MLG stream for the past 30 mins is bad dubstep.


I write too much.
Anyone else having now these random page reloads that reset the video quality to 360??
Yup... Also was having that. Thought it was because of the storms in my area, but it seems the video player is just ass. If you have a console, I would suggest watching it on there.

EDIT: Now that the stream is back, why is the tournament not happening?


Waiting for Havik
So I can't go to fullscreen nor change the video quality to anything else than 360??? Well, that just sucks. MLG used to have a great stream service.