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the no-selling of Sektor's homing missile


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I forget how it works, but Sektor's homing missile will be no-sold by characters in certain situations (on certain frames I think). Do you think this is a glitch, or was it put in there intentionally? Would Sektor be overpowered if the missile did guaranteed damage on contact? Would it bump up his overall rank? Or would it not make much of a difference?
I have never seen the cross hairs go any lower than the beltline regardless of where the opponent is. So the missile wouldn't be able to hit a player if they are low enough like during a ducking lk or say... after getting pummeled. The homming misslie can not hit a laying opponent which I think would get kind of cheap. Maybe midway thought that too. Nightwolf comes to mind... his infinite is pretty cheap.

If it was done on purpose, I think it would be to avoid cheap gameplay.


Characters no sell the missile in many different cases. It seems like many different attacks will cancel it. For instance you can do an uppercut as it is about to hit you and it will explode on top of you but not actually hit, even though you aren't below the minimum height of the targetter.

I think the fact the targetter never gets below a certain level is a bi-product of how they put the move in the game. They probably recognized it but decided not to fix it because it is a balancing factor for Sektor. I think it might have bumped him up a bit if it wasn't the case. A lot of characters would still have simple defenses to avoid it.


It would definitely move him up, but you could do this same tactic with ducking LKs vs Reptile's forceball in MKII, so it was probably intentional. Standing HKs are another good way to avoid them, and a lot of times autocombos will work too.


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What is a good way to avoid the missile if you are liu kang? He doesn't have the traditional "hk, hk, b+hk" combo. Would his 3-hit popup work?


his 7 hitter can avoid it if timed right for 29% vs a max of about 22% with the pop up to juggle. All that matters is it explodes while you are in the attacking or retracting animation I believe. I have seen it hit at all different points and miss as well, but it's still definitely not random.


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the only random thing about sektor's smart missiles is when the missile will fly higher and will have longer traectory, often in this case it explode near the opponent.

female ninjas are most vulnerable to sektor's smart missiles.