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The MKXL Armor Thread

Could someone please explain a couple things to me? I have trouble getting my ex wakeups out sometimes cause of the different timing compared to mk9 in this game. To me it seems that a character lies on the ground forever after he has been knocked down and almost like every knockdown that isn't tech-rolled immediately is a hard knockdown. In mk9 you could immediately recognize a hard knockdown cause in that case the character was lying on the floor with the stomach facing the floor. Plus all wakeups seemed to be much faster, even tech-rolls.

Why does it take so long to wakeup in this game? I usually can't get the timing right, either does my character not do anything at all, or I get hit after a knockdown cause I wait to long. Does anyone have similar problems, do you have any advice in that situation? Thanks in advance.


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updated Op of this thread because of the massive changes to armor across the board.
(tag me if i missed something/made mistake)