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The Killer Instinct Gameplay Videos Thread

can anyone explain KI3's gameplay, someone give me a website that teach me how to play KI1 and 2, but i never play them so it's really hard for me to understand the games, especially KI3 :(.
It's heavily focused on combos and has a unique combo system. Start a combo with either a jump in punch/kick or a special move, then you can follow that up by pressing any punch or kick to get an auto double. Then you can use some light or medium special moves as a linker to keep the combo going. Follow that up with another auto double. You can keep going after that or end the combo with a fierce special. That's the basic combo structure. There are other ways to do combos as well.


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Thanks for the link, C-Sword. Needed a KI fix. I thought that there was supposed to be a new character teaser attached to the Chief Thunder vid, like with the Glacius Trailer. What did I miss?


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I love KI to death but Im pissed that is only the Xbox ONE and not on the Playstation. But im not hating, I still love it though, If I get it I will main the f*ck out of Fulgore.


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I own a home, a car, pay numerous tax bills…all on a Wal-mart paycheck. I can still afford both systems. What the fuck are you guys doing with your money? Hookers? Hashish? Clarky-cat?

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I have some footage of a local free Killer Instinct tournament that was held at our local Microsoft store, tonight. I'll share it here tomorrow, as it's still uploading.