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The Incredible D'vorah "Ovi-Trap"

First there were Ovi-Loops. Now, the Ovi-TRAP!

The following video is a deep dive into the timing of setting up a guaranteed bug hatch on knock down. But not only is the bug guaranteed, a meaty Down+1 Ovi Rush (DB4) becomes safe, and in combination with the guaranteed bug shuts down virtually any options they have. You won't believe your eeeeeyes!*


*you may believe your eyes
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@Second Saint
She does not. Jade actually can not do anything. The ability to D4/D2 trade punish or Flawless Block is entirely dependent on the character's crouching hitbox. You'll see in the video that the bug circles around Erron Black giving him time to D4. But with Jade, the bug makes contact immediately. @Ray'sGoodLiquor you may find that bit interesting.
Excellent, one more thing this character is shit at. I'm keeping this game uninstalled. Thanks, man.