The History of NRS Trolling A Character Roster Pre-Release and Reasons They Could Be Trolling Again

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by Circus, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. CrimsonShadow

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    I just want to point out that the MKX character select screen wasn't at all NRS trolling. This is just how this things go:

    "Hey we have all these spots on the character select screen, but some characters aren't done yet anyway and we're only revealing a few in the show builds/kombat kast"
    *Junior designer gets assigned to make 20 placeholders.. Grabs random images of characters, fudges some stuff, etc*
    *Community sees random placeholders and jumps to conclusions, goes off on wild theories and analyzes every pixel*

    A few people saw the screen and ran way too far with it; but at no point was it ever insinuated that those portraits were all supposed to be representations of the actual unrevealed characters in those slots.
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    You know what, i don't even hate her.. she is nothing to me.. even doesn't deserve to be a practice mode douche bag.. i don't like to see her, i would delete her spot if i have a option to do that..
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  3. Good point.
    Nrs played along though. It's impossible Boon and co. Didn't know this would create a fuss(and take advantage of)
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  4. I enjoy characters everyone hates, I mean it's always nice to have a Stryker around, and eventually some ppl will grow attached to them. Win /win.

    When a lot of big names missing it is a little frustrating. The exclusion hurts.

    If MKX had a bigger roster with more MK9 characters, possibly the kombat kids would be better received.
  5. Chuckyscookie

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    On the argument that the trophys for MKX were way different. First, the list isn't complete. The ones for the story can still be added. Regarding character specific trophies, it's another story when looking at injustice 2. There are trophies for every character if you finish the game with a certain move. So the fatality ones aren't too far fetched I think.
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  6. Briggsfan

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    Seems like wishful thinking or denial at this point though.
  7. Im actually starting to think this leak if fake too...

    And the further add to it... Boon did state in a recent interview that this entire game was about reenvisioning and revamping things... So why would they rehash the krypt?

    Looks like someone took the possible Erron Black leak (which actually could be real) and made their own fake list and "leaked" it for us to find and go crazy over .

    I don't actually know where the leak came from. Was it an official source or just something that turned up on the internet?
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  8. aldazo

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    The leak came from Steam.
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    My friends, its time to come the the realizations that all your favourites like Smoke, Reptile, Noob-Saibot and the rest simply aren't good enough to make the roster. They are not in because you, as a fan, were lacking and Ed Boon could sense it.

    Maybe if you believed harder, maybe if you liked your favourite character that didn't make it in more, they would have been in. But you have been found lacking, and they have been left on the cutting room floor.

    In the end, if you are mad about the roster and don't want it to be real, remember it reflects on your lack of true devotion to your characters. I wanted Kotal kahn, and you know what, I got him. Cause I believed!
  10. Saint Op Omen

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    Saint Op
    I just figured it was a 2 birds 1 stone kinda achievement, like unlocking the 2nd fatality from that characters tower & performing it, both pretty common achievement types. idk
  11. J_in_CA

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    Not really, we don't know how many total trophies there are and this just makes them easier to get, that doesn't mean that it's 100% true but it's far more likely that it is.
  12. J_in_CA

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    Regardless of if that's a real list, if there are more characters than we know of (remember not all announced characters appear on that list) etc I hope they do 3 kombat packs this time. Unless they are able to do a huge base roster I don't think 12 DLC will be enough for me, especially with guest characters taking up MK fighters spots. I want Shang Tsung, Fujin, Jax, Rain, Noob, Quan Chi, Goro, Sindel, Sheeva, Ermac, Mileena, Kung Jin, Kenshi and Takeda.
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  13. GLoRToR

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  14. KeyserSoze

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    I hate to be that guy, but the flaw in your logic is that NRS clearly isn't the source of the leaked info. Hence, the alleged propensity for NRS to troll is irrelevant.
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    If only someone made a petition then we wouldn’t be going through this right now.

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