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Question The Grundy OP because of trait argument


You know me as RisingShieldBro online.
Grundy's damage output is extremely ridiculous, but OP? That's kinda pushing it, especially since he has to be in your face if he wants a hope of hurting you at all.

"But he can zone with Grave Rot! He doesn't have to rush down!"

If you are seriously getting hit by that move which is so easily damn reactable that it's not even funny, I don't know what to say to you.

The words of online scrubs are irrelevant.
The only reason(s) I think of getting hit by Swamp hands is either a read projectile and using armor to absorb the hit like FTD, bang, or GA's arrows. Or if you are being combed, NO ONE should be hit by a raw swamp hands from full screen.