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Hey everyone -- just wanted to to drop a note here about this event! We ran the first one this past weekend, and it was an absolute blast. The format is 2vs2, PS4 -- so you pick a partner, and play a mini-team set for each opponent, with the team that eliminates both players on the other team moving on. Here's the entire tournament from the weekend:

Slayer and BlakLvesMatter are hosting/commentating, and the energy is great.

So the next one is coming up in two weeks (Saturday the 17th), and if you're interested (and on PS4, which I assume most of you are), you can grab a partner and register here:

Anyway, I really enjoyed the positive energy from this first go-around, and there are a lot of good players playing. I may or may not be around to run the bracket for the next one, but if you have any questions you can hit me up, or message Slayer on Twitter.


Hey everyone! Here are the vods for FreakShow weeks 5,6,7:

Week 5:

Week 6:

Week 7:

Across all 3 editions there are matches from Tweedy, Sonic, DJT, Curbo, Hayatei, 2EZ, Biohazard, Abyss, Avrik, etc :coffee:

And the next 2v2 coming up: Sunday, March 27th :)