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The Combo compilation

Working on some info for our beloved goddess. I'll only discuss Spring Cleaning Cetrion here. If someone wanna add FON shit, be welcome. I still think that variation is crap, tho.
Let's talk about starters first:
11: hit confirmable, decent damage for a bar, great stagger.
F23: hit confirmable, advancing mid, good stagger, kinda slow. Some say it's a shimmy. I'm too scrub to know.
F13: hit confirmable, high, good for whiff punishing.
B3: safe low option, creates knockback, ideal to punish some low profiling strings. Same combo options, more damage than 11, less than F23 and company.
21: no reason to use this string over 11 outside of punishes, since it does more damage. Gains acces to KB in 213 on counter or punish. 212 can be used to chip people out, since it's a multihitting safe string. Go wild.
D2 KB. Her D2 is kinda shit. You may whiff on their faces. Not kitana level, but still.

As for combo options, they are mainly the same for all the strings since our main launcher is gonna be geyser. Keep in mind that 11 does slight less damage than F23, F13 and 21 tough.
Now, depending on the position of the screen, we will slightly modify the combo to maximize damage. Also, we can go for the restand for mixing the opponent up. Deals less damage, but if you are able to land the throw, it's more than worth it. If you need a little more damage, you can use both meters. Only use this option to finish a round/game, the extra damage is not worth it otherwise.
Gonna use F23 as the starter for all the combos. Unless I say the contrary, the combo is the exact same for the rest of the strings. F23, F13 and 21 do exactly the same amount of damage, B3 does less, and 11 is the less damaging.

Midscreen stuff
F23BF4B,Jump kick, dash,3BF4B. You gotta do the jump kick as low as you can, or else the last part will whiff. This is your main BNB. If you think the opponent may breakaway, it's wiser to end the combo in nature barrier. You will live longer. DMG: 253.
F23BF4B4, JP2, JP2, F13BF4. A variation of your BNB. Does slight more damage, beware of big bodies tho. If you execute the geyser when they are high on the air, shit may whiff. Honestly, I prefer the other one to this. The damage difference is not significant and I feel more comfortable knowing my shit wont whiff if I go on autopilot. DMG:
F23BF4B4, BF2. Your "get the fuck outta my face" option. Feel free to boulder after it. They have to eat it, or forward roll. If they forward roll, you have enough time to punish with geyser. This does significant less damage. Use it only if you want to zone. It has the plus on increasing the possibility of a quitality in a 69%. Need to get my hands on the game, but if i recall correctly, it was pretty close to 200 dmg.
F23DB4, dash, 4DB1. Restand option. Normally you go for another F2 for the shimmy, or the throw. Feel free to do whatever the fuck you want, tho. NOTE THAT THIS DOESN'T WORK ON F13. Don't get blown up like a scrub for trying. DMG: 209.

F23DB4 Amp, 4BF4B4 AMp, JK4, 3BF4B.
Only does slight more damage than your classic BNBs for the cost of 2 bars. Cetrion has that big goddess damage yeh. Only use this bullshit if you need to squeeze a lil bit more of damage to finish a game. Honestly not worth it othrtwise.

F23BF4B, dash, dash, JP1, F13DB4. Your corner switch variation :D. DMG: 221.
Approaching the corner:
This depends of the distance to the wall. Will upload a vid soon so you can have a visual reference.
F23BF4B, JK4, F13, F13DB1. DMG: 260.
F23BF4B, JK4, F13, 212. DMG: 269.

Slightly closer:
F23BF4B, JK4, dash, 4, F13BF4B. DMG: 282.

In the corner:
F23BF4B, JK4, 4, 3BF4B. DMG: 288.

I'm working on a vid for visual references. I will be editing this post adding more shit, but time is limited. Wanted to start it once and for all.
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Starter bf4 AMP j3 j2 microdash s3 bf4 is the max damage BnB for Cetrion, its 275 damage iirc but it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve played. Wouldn’t advise it on males though, the j3 needs to be very deep on them so j2 j2 is my go to there.
Starter bf4 AMP j3 j2 microdash s3 bf4 is the max damage BnB for Cetrion, its 275 damage iirc but it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve played. Wouldn’t advise it on males though, the j3 needs to be very deep on them so j2 j2 is my go to there.
Never tried that one! Will test and add it. Tho iif it has tendency on whiffing, i probably will not normally use it. I always prefer my shit to work on everyone
pretty sure it only works on females
Pretty sure you are wrong! I was the one who posted this combo first on Twitter and here right after the patch where her damage was normalized) And I posted a video of me doing it on Shang Tsung. Since then I have tried it on every character in the game and it works on everyone. Even big bodies- it just seems harder on them because you can’t do a Jump kick out of the bubble as deep as you can on smaller hitboxes. But it isn’t hard with practice
Gonna add more videos for the thread, can someone tell me how to add spoiler tags? I'm like a grampa in fórum usage i can't find anything lol