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The Cetrion Matchup, Tech, and Strategy Thread

Nice man!
Few others I’ve got:
1. s1, f13, bf4 (amp), dash fw, ji3 or 4, bf4...24%

2. s3, bf4(amp), dash fw, ji3 or 4, bf4....does 24%

3. s3, bf4 (amp), dash fw, ji3 or 4 (must be deep), dash fw, f13, bf4....does 27%

1 and 2 are easy, last one bit tricky cause of the deep ji but easy with practice.


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Her d2 needs addressing! It’s either a hitbox issue or the fact that you have to be literally point blank to land a d2 is pretty woeful. I realise the animation of her d2 has her arm going practically vertical but still...she needs a better d2 imo.
Her d2 isn’t the greatest, but it’s serviceable. Although her s1 is such an amazing anti air her d2 could be as bad as Harley’s in IGAU and I wouldn’t care.

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Idk if this is common knowledge, but Cetrion can punish Erron Black's AMP f4.

After he does his stupid-ass unga bunga f4 and amplifies it without a care in the world, she can f13 it for a full combo punish. I spent a long time in the lab getting the timing down and actually manged to land it pretty consistently in a set against a cowpoke.

Edit: might as well add this PSA since a lot of people seem to either not know or be too scared to try...Erron's f32 has a gap you can flawless block and punish every time. It's not very difficult either with some practice.


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Liu beats her badly I think ? Just got destroyed by very good liu player and it felt like I cant do shit . He reacted to every boulder with flying kick co I cant throw any unless at max distance fullscreen . Zoned very well by himself so it was even hard to use her laser . Upclose I think I dont need to tell . He destroys her upclose . Any tips on that mu ? Or better switch chars . I have pocket dead of winter so it might be solution .


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Notes on Jade's purple:

None of Cetrion's projectiles will hit Jade when she has purple up, as well Natural Barrier(rock wall), her Earthquake and the orbiting rocks area of effect special in casual mode.

Notably, her Hair Pull will connect, so you can counter her normal glaive easily despite her having the purple up.
Oh this is good! Thanks!

I've been playing against a lot of Jades and having some trouble x')


Man ground pound cancel timing is a bit awkward for me. 21 GP is easy but F23 GP sometimes doesn't even come out at all.