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The Black Dragon arena - even more story and character hints?

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Savagely beating his super-ego with his id...
It would be crazy if the fujin thing was the clue they were surprised nobody found yet & maybe the reason they showed the Russian region skin first was a hint to the clue...illuminate konfirmed


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Fujin manwhore? Fuk you NRS, I said they should give more respect to the 3D characters. This meme is gonna catch now like the Hsu Hao ones caught and people are gonna use it and NRS is gonna justify that the community says he's a man whore for not putting Fujin in a game. Really......? Fujin has been one of the most level headed and down to Earth characters, he has advised Raiden time and time again against messing with the kamidaggers. Man whore is Johnny Cage if you want, not Fujin. So fuk you NRS!
Fujin got nerfed by the #metoo movement


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
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What's this BS about Fujin being a manwhore? What? lol

Anyway, there's another female Black Dragon from the MK X comics named Taja or Tasha(forget the spelling) not the same Taja from MK Conquest lol.