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General/Other - Goro that's a nice wakeup you got there

Just for the record, can it be jumped on a read?
crossover jump will let it whiff so : empty crossover jump *Punchwalk whiff * run up and punish quick. LOL the crossover jump doesnt even need to be timed right it works everytime check it out in training mode


The dragon fangs EXspin move is much better:Final hit is overhead ,it pops higher than EX PW and catches jumping opp. better also


This dream has a sad ending
Can those twos girls appear at the side of the game whenever he does that move, it would make me less satly when i get with that


Plus on block.
It can be jumped. Goro sucks. #NeedsBaneBuffs
Yeah and only two hits of armor? That's garbage, what if a person does two consecutive attacks? How useless.

And tele-stomp doesn't track perfectly, so it's basically pointless.

F3 doesn't go far enough, and punchwalk should be + on block.

Shokan grab should do 25% and be 5 frames.

I know you're reading this Boon, get your shit together and fix Goro.