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Discussion in 'Nightwolf' started by N0rdicNinja, Aug 8, 2011.

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    I've been working on nailing down the following corner combo:

    Hatchet, NJP, B.Dash, F2~Hatchet, F312, 122~Shoulder

    If you lead into this with B11 or B22 you can pull %49, with a JiP it's possible to hit %52... all with no meter!

    But I can't for the fucking life of me consistently pull off that damn NJP! Maybe every 1 in 10 tries I'll land it. It's infuriating, what the hell am I missing, why does it appear to be so difficult? It's like you only have a 1 frame window to hit punch or else it will whiff. Is it really just that strict or is there a subtle detail I'm missing?

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    Been trying to fit that NJP in too, but it feels to random to do in a match when you can get close to 50% w/o it.
    I don't know if there is a trick or if it is just a tight timing, but as for now I don't see myself ever trying to include it in a real match.
  3. I don't play NW but do play kitana and reptile, and use NJPs in the majority of my BnBs so I maybe I can give a little advice.

    A lot of people find that sliding across both punches will increase your chances of getting the NJP to come out on time. So instead of just hitting 1 or 2, slide from 2 to 1 or 1 to 2. I know this helps me with reptiles 321 dash NJP, and that is a tight window. Just watch for the character's feet to come up off the ground and as soon as they do, slide across the buttons.

    Another thing to explore, is that I read in a thread the other day that your stance has something to do with which button works best for NJP.. seems strange but some people have noticed that. I can't remember which is which, so you'd have to search for that.
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    U can do a NJP if you catch them with hatchet as anti air anywhere on screen.

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