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Been playing alot of Arnie like so many people have. Does anyone have a film or screen shots of the list of names that shows in the upper right? I noticed it was listing the ENTIRE cast. Maybe it will actually tell us who is coming in kp2. Also John wick? Why not do John Constantine. Imo he's waaay more badass.


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Mileena, Rain, Li Mei, Sareena, Meat, and Mokap are the names that pop up. But I doubt that NRS would put that kind of stuff out there and we already know that Fujin and Sheeva are going to be in KP2. So this a moreso a deconfirmation of characters and just a troll list.

Also, John Constantine likely won't happen in Mortal Kombat. But, his chances for Injustice 3 are up there cause I know a lot of people asked for him. I'm still surprised The Joker made the cut tbh.