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Tekken 6 Patch is OUT!!!!


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lol, I have the game, played it once... :banana:

I even have the fightstick.. :facepalm:


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I have to play Dave in T6 now...I'll get owned mega hard, but at least it'll be fun watching him actually get WR+2 juggles now.


Grr, okay so at first the online was alright. But now, when i play with my friends online, it'll disconnect all of a sudden during the match.


Arez | Booya | Riu48 - Rest Easy, Friends
You can now see the connection and cancel the match before it starts...allowing you to get optimal connections.

Teal and green are very good. Yellow has slight delay, but it feels better than the pre-patch green. I've yet to see orange or red, but I've heard sometimes they're playable.

Overall, Namco did an incredible job with the netcode.